Free Medical Camp

Faculty of Eastern Medicine and Natural Sciences (FEMNS), Ziauddin University successfully organized a free medical camp that was scheduled on Sunday 15th October, 2023 at Mubarak Herbal Clinic, 13-C, Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi.

The free screening camp was attended by the local community in the vicinity fulfilling the social responsibility and clinical training of students, FEMNS, Ziauddin University.

The main objective of this activity (free medical camp) was to bring affordable healthcare and free health information to the community and identify the common health problems in order to devise ways of addressing them. More than 100 patients visited the camp during the activity.

Additionally, focus was to create awareness about healthy lifestyle through adopting Eastern Medicine essential lifestyle factors. Emphasis was given to promote Eastern Medicine therapies to cure diseases without drug intervention and awareness was given regarding prevention of diseases. Different diseases were diagnosed in the area due to dust, changing weather, dietary patterns and treatment was given comprising of Eastern Medicine single and compound formulations. Community was also encouraged to use available nutritious food & herbal products in the area and discouraged substance abuse among the community members.

It was organized with a sacred mission to combat diseases and malnutrition and to serve the poor unconditionally. Besides providing primary health care, FEMNS ZU contributed raising awareness amongst the people informing them about the necessity of adequate nutritious food, clean drinking water, dangers and risks of environmental pollution.

The camp was organized with following facilities:

  • Registration Desk
  • History taking Desk
  • Free tests for Diabetes, Blood Pressure Desk
  • BMI Testing Desk
  • Temperament Evaluation Desk
  • Counseling regarding the prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyle Desk
  • Treatment by trained Eastern Medicine Doctors and Specialists