Eastern Medicine is recognized and made available to masses as an effective, economical and safe system of Healthcare in Pakistan.


  • Produce graduates equipped with modern up to date knowledge of the science and art of Eastern Medicine.
  • Inculcate in our graduates a sense of responsibility towards quality of human life.
  • Make our graduates realize the importance of sincerity, honesty and integrity in the practice of Eastern Medicine.
  • Adopt and practice the highest professional and ethical standards leading to excellence in Clinical practice and Research activities.
  • Make ‘Eastern Medicine’ a reliable, effective, safe and economical system of health care for the masses.


  • Being health care stakeholder, to develop our relationship with the communities and empower lives through innovation and development of Eastern Medicine.
  • Guide Eastern Medicine Institutions in designing Curricula that provides a proper content of its basic knowledge.
  • To contribute in fulfilling the need of quality research by treatment of chronic diseases through development of evidence based Eastern Medicine formulations.
  • To combat diseases and improve maternal and mental health
  • To establish a network of Clinics all over the country under the umbrella of Ziauddin University for regimental therapies and treatment through Eastern Medicine.
  • To promote formal links with National and International Institutions and industry with respect to knowledge sharing, collaborative research, clinical training and personnel exchange.