The Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics in Ziauddin University was established in the year of 2020 in the College of Natural Sciences under the Faculty of Eastern Medicine. The Department aims to provide quality education in the undergraduate and post graduate programs and transform the students into internationally competent professionals.  Currently, Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics in Ziauddin University is the only institute in Karachi which offers admissions of Ph.D. program in the discipline of Human Nutrition & Dietetics.

Department Vision

To Serve as a Center of Excellence (Institute) for Education and Research for Best Quality Human Nutrition Care in Pakistan and Low Middle Income Countries.

Department Mission

  1. Establish Internationally Comparable undergraduate and postgraduate professional education programs in Human Nutrition and Dietetics.
  2. Undertake, promote ad support research that can provide evidence base for resolving human nutrition issues.
  3. Liaison with the industry and corporate sector to facilitate provision of nutrition promoting product and services.
  4. Liaison with private and public stakeholders to Undertake, promote ad support projects to promote nutritious and safe diets and healthy life styles.


  1. Quality education at newly started undergraduate programs.
  2. Establishment of Post graduate program.
  3. Establishment of HND Research Center.
  4. Establishment of professionals, corporate sector and social networks to promote nutritious and safe diets and healthy life styles.


  • Ph.D. in Human Nutrition & Dietetic.


PhD. in Human Nutrition & Dietetic

All the current guideline by HEC will be followed for admission and examinations

Course Work for Ph.D.

A maximum of 12 Credit Hour courses can be taken in one semester. A minimum of 18 credit hours (two semesters) of the coursework will be required to complete by those who have already done masters (i.e. 18 years of education) in the relevant field or equivalent. A minimum of 48 credit hours (four semesters) of the coursework will be required to complete by those who have not done masters and have completed only 16 years of education (BS) in the relevant field or equivalent.

The Breakdown of Credit Hours

 Ph.D. after BS     (credit hours)  Ph.D. after MS (credit hours)
 Core courses  33  12 
 Elective courses  15  6
 Total Coursework CH  48  18
 Research  30  30
 Total  78  48

Road Map (Ph.D. after MS)

 Semester I  Semester II  Semester III- onwards
 Developments in Human Nutrition   Science  Nutrition Epidemiology & Biostatistics  

Comprehensive Examination and   Research

 Developments in Nutrition Assessment   Techniques  Research Methods in Human Nutrition
 Elective I  Elective 2

List of Elective Courses

1  HND8011  Qualitative Health Research
2  HND8013  Statistics for Nutritionist
3  HND8008  Scientific Communication Skills
4  HND8009  Household Determinants of Nutrition
1  HND8101  Advanced Clinical Nutrition
2  HND8102  Nutritional Pharmacology
3  HND8103  Nutrition and Immunity
4  HND8104  Personalized Nutrition, Nutrigenomics and   Microbiota
5  HND8105  Nutrition and Metabolism
6  HND8082  Internship B Primacy Care Nutrition
7 HND8083 Internship C Primacy Care Nutrition
1  HND8201  Nutrition and Development.
2  HND8202  Nutrition education and Behavior change   Communication
3 HND8203  Innovations for Food Security
4 HND8204  International Health and Nutrition
5 HND8205  Psycho-socio-cultural determinants of Nutrition
6 HND8081  Internship A Community Nutrition
1  HND8301  Food processing and Nutrition
2  HND8302  Catering management: standards and regulations
3  HND8303  Nanotechnology in Food and Nutrition
4  HND8304  Food Industry and Human Nutrition
5  HND8305  Food and Nutrition Marketing
6  HND8084  Internship D Food Quality Management


  1. Clinical Dietitians- Nutritionists
  2. Nutrition Educationists
  3. Public Health Nutritionists
  4. Human Nutrition and Dietetics Researcher and Scientist
  5. Nutrition experts in media


Candidates who have done BS as well as MS/M.Phil. in Human Nutrition & Dietetics are eligible to apply for admission. If candidates have a degree in a different subject and wish to be considered for admission, they must provide equivalency of their degree. These candidates are allowed to take up to three courses, with a maximum of 9 credit hours, to fulfill any deficiencies in their academic background. However, if the deficiency exceeds 9 credit hours, the candidate is not eligible to apply for the program.

  • Appearance in Ziauddin University Entrance Test is mandatory for all applicants, who wish to seek admission in Ph.D. program to be conducted by the Department of Human Nutrition & Dietetics.
  • The test shall comprise of the following sections:

               1) Section-I Nutrition 80%

               2) Section-II English 10%

               3) Section-III Analytical Reasoning 10%

  • Candidates will be required to score at least 70% marks in each section to be eligible for consideration for provisional admission.
  • If a candidate has already qualified the International (subject) GRE/GAT/NTS, he/she will be exempted from the subject test component. The validity of International (subject) GRE is 5 years and NTS/GAT is for two years. The passing score of GRE minimum is 60% and that of NTS/GAT is 60%. However, the candidate has to appear in interview


  1. Time allowed 2.5 hours
  2. Test will consist of 100 MCQs
  3. Minimum marks required for passing the test are 70
  4. Calculators are not allowed
S.No. All compulsory section MCQs
1.       English Language 10
2.       Analytical Reasoning 10
3.       Nutrition 80
I. Fundamentals of Human Nutrition and Dietetics (30 %)
II. Nutrition Care (40%)
III.  Development and delivery of normal and therapeutic foods (10%)


All the students who (qualify & exempted) from the Ziauddin University Entrance test will be required to appear for an interview to be conducted by the Department of human Nutrition & Dietetics to finalize the admission procedure.


Allocated Seats

For PhD-HND: 15


Tuition fees and other costs are subject to change and are determined each year.

Details of Fee Structure (Fee per Semester) are as follows:



 S.No  Details  Amount
1.  Admission Fee (One time)  25,000
2.  Documentation Fee (One time)  5000
3.  Enrollment Fee (One time)  10,000/year
4.  Security Deposit (One time)  15000
5.  Dissertation / Thesis Evaluation   Fee  80,000
6.  Comprehensive Examination  5000
7.  Viva Voce Exam Fee  20000
8.  GEC Evaluation Fee  15000/year after comprehensive   examination
9.  Examination Fee (Per semester)  10000
10.  Tuition Fee (Per semester)  150000/=
9.  Total Fee at the time of admission  205,000


PhD-HND:  Minimum duration for PhD program is 03 years and Maximum duration is 8 years.


Course Work for Ph.D.

A maximum of 12 Credit Hour courses can be taken in one semester. A minimum of 18 credit hours (two semesters) of the coursework will be required to be completed by those who have done MS/M.Phil. in Human Nutrition & Dietetics.



The year of study is scheduled as follows:


First Semester:

Commencement of Regular Classes (January 11, 2023)

Mid-Term Examinations (March 15, 2023)

Preparation of Final Semester Exam (May 22, 2023)

Final Examinations (May 29, 2023)




3rd Floor, DPT Building, Ziauddin University, Block-B, North Nazimabad, Karachi-74700.



Email ID: [email protected]


  1. Dr. Rubina Hakeem

Chief Nutritionist and Head of Department of Human Nutrition & Dietetics

PhD (Nutrition) (UK), RD (UK), FAfN (UK), FAND (US)


  1. Khursheed Hashmi


PhD (Microbiology)


  1. Musarrat Jahan

Assistant Professor

PhD (Biochemistry)


  1. Naveed Khan

Assistant Professor

PhD (Food science & Technology)


  1. M/S Nida Azhar


BS in Home economics (Human Nutrition & Dietetics)


  1. M/S Warda Qamar


BS hons. in Home economics (Food and Nutrition)


  1. M/S Summaya Iqbal


BS in Home economics (Human Nutrition & Dietetics)