Dean's Message

WHO defines the Traditional Medicine as “Sum total of knowledge, skills and practices based on the theories, beliefs, and experience indigenous to different cultures, whether explicable or not, used in the maintenance of health as well as in the prevention, diagnosis, improvement or treatment of physical and mental illnesses. WHO has launched the traditional medicine strategy 2014-2023 to mainstream the traditional medicine along with the allopathic system of medicine because millions of people living in rural areas rely on it for their basic health care needs.

Global health is about understanding etiology and based on providing solutions to the challenges and disparities in the health status of people worldwide. Eastern Medicine is an emerging field worldwide because it cures those diseases which are considered to be non-curable.

Ziauddin University has recently introduced a five-year degree program in Eastern Medicine (BEMS) integrated with multi-disciplinary clinical training which not only allow you achieve scientific understanding about Eastern Medicine but also provides perfect opportunity to practice clinical skills and become expert in the field to cure with the art of Eastern Medicine which generally tend to focus on a holistic approach to life, equilibrium between mind, body and environment, to adopt a preventive approach thus developing appropriate methodologies without harming these unique features. The strength of the system is in its holistic and individualistic approach to health promotion, disease prevention and treatment.

Due to negligible side effects and environment friendly nature, globally countries emphasize the use of regimental therapies (ilaj bil tadbeer) one of the most popular methods of Eastern system of Medicine prescribed by ancient physicians thousand years back to maintain the healthy lifestyle. Regimental therapies are mostly non medicinal techniques or procedures by which Eastern Medicine physicians modulate the habitat, lifestyle and dietary habits of the individual and also used for the treatment of various diseases thus, improving the constitution of the body by removing waste materials and improving the defence mechanism of the body.

Our main focus is to promote true understanding and practice by providing widespread knowledge and evidence based education in Eastern Medicine. It’s our commitment to meet the highest professional and ethical standards leading to excellence in Clinical and Research activities serving the noble cause.

It’s our utmost desire to promote formal links with National and International Institutions and industry with respect to knowledge sharing, collaborative research, clinical training and personnel exchange. To contribute in fulfilling the need of quality research in the field of Eastern Medicine for the treatment of chronic diseases through development of evidence based Eastern Medicine formulations.

Faculty is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence as embodied in our motto: “Pursue excellence and success will follow.”

Our Faculty is an exciting and vibrant place to pursue a quality integrated health and natural science education. We are passionate about challenging students to learn the science of Eastern Medicine, public health, the art of compassionate and mindful care in a collegial and collaborative learning environment.

The Faculty takes pride in initiating the Eastern Medicine and natural science program passionate enough to promote patient care, research and service to the community through Eastern Medicine which has been recognized both locally and globally.

Keeping in mind the rapidly changing world, our main focus will be to design and deliver quality that would enhance subject area knowledge, industry specific proficiency and reassure personal growth and transformation. It’s our commitment to facilitate a thrilling and inspiring lifelong learning environment encompassing creativity and innovation.

Faculty holds a group of specialized subject experts i.e., permanent and visiting faculty for Eastern Medicine, horticulture and Nutrition that will be involved in dynamic interactive sessions engaged in the learning process, while investing all efforts to be a critical and creative thinker and leader!

Prof. Dr. Tasneem Qureshi

Ph.D. Eastern Medicine

Dean – FEMNS