Masters in Human Nutrition and Dietetics


Masters-HND:  Minimum duration for Masters program is 1.5 years and maximum 4 years.

Academic Calender

The year of study is scheduled as follows:

First Semester:

Commencement of Regular Classes (Monday, 15th January 2024)

Mid-Term Examinations (Monday, 18th March 2024)

Final Examinations (Wednesday, 15th May 2024)



3rd Floor, College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Ziauddin University, Block-B, North Nazimabad, Karachi-74700.


Candidates with a BS in Human Nutrition & Dietetics/BS in Home Economics (Nutrition major)/or have any equivalent degree, are eligible to apply for admission. Candidates from the relevant disciplines will have to study the preparatory/deficiency courses in one semester prescribed by the Department to enhance their knowledge about the field.

Admission Test

Appearance in Ziauddin University Entrance Test is mandatory for all applicants, who wish to seek admission in Masters program to be conducted by the Department of Human Nutrition & Dietetics.

Test Specification

The test shall comprise of the following sections:

  • Section-I Nutrition 80%
  • Section-II English 10%
  • Section-III Analytical Reasoning 10%
  1. Time allowed 2.5 hours
  2. Test will consist of 100 MCQs
  3. Minimum marks required for passing the test are 70
  4. Calculators are not allowed
S.No. All compulsory section MCQs
1.       English Language 10
2.       Analytical Reasoning 10
3.       Nutrition 80
I. Fundamentals of Human Nutrition and Dietetics (30 %)
II. Nutrition Care (40%)
III.  Development and delivery of normal and therapeutic foods (10%)


  • Candidates will be required to score at least 70% marks in each section to be eligible for consideration for the provisional admission.
  • If a candidate has already qualified the International (subject) GRE/GAT/NTS, he/she will be exempted from the subject test component. The validity of International (subject) GRE is 5 years and NTS/GAT is for two years. The passing score of GRE minimum is 60% and that of NTS/GAT is 60%. However, the candidate has to appear in interview.

All the students who (qualify or exempted) from the Ziauddin University Entrance test will be required to appear for an interview to be conducted by the Department of human Nutrition & Dietetics to finalize the admission procedure.

Course Work for Masters:

Minimum 30 [(24 Credit Hours course work + 6 Credit Hours dissertation) or (30 credit hours coursework)].

Career opportunities
  • Clinical Dietitians- Nutritionists
  • Nutrition Educationists
  • Public Health Nutritionists
  • Human Nutrition and Dietetics Researcher and Scientist
  • Nutrition experts in media

Fee Structure

 Tuition Fee  (By Semester) 135,000
 Admission Fee (One Time) 25,000
 Application Fee (One Time)  5,000
Examination Fee ( By Semester)  5,000
Enrollment Fee (One Time)  5,000
Laboratory Fee (By Semester)  5,000
Security  Deposit (One Time)  15,000
Documentation Fee (One Time)  5,000