A VISIT TO MALC (Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre) KARACHI

On 17 of Feb 2020 Student of Faculty of Eastern Medicine and Natural sciences have been provided an opportunity to visit MALC (Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre) in Karachi, Pakistan. MALC is one of the largest NGO in Pakistan, working for leprosy control since 1956 with its Head Office based in Karachi which includes 64-bedded hospital as well as 157 health centers that are currently operating in Sindh, Balochistan, KPK, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir in partnership with the provincial health departments to facilitate free health services for the community. Their mission is to eliminate leprosy, control TB and blindness creating an inclusive environment for persons with disabilities.

The visit was quite informative enlighten the students with leprosy and its management including taking their history of illness and treatment, not only that but also learn that how to perform the physical exercises with the patients who have been developed some deformity after being suffered by Leprosy.

Mr Denial Karamat, head of education department MALC gave detailed information and their efforts to reduce the burden of leprosy in Pakistan. At present, the national caseload of Leprosy is 4,755 patients, of which 512 are under medication. Disabilities ratio among new cases is still high. Due to long incubation period of disease, it is essential to sustain and provide quality leprosy management services and to ensure diagnosis in early stages before disability sets in.

The leprosy management program is actively following the World Health Organization’s strategy formulated for the year 2020 and it is hoped that with continued support and efforts of MALC, Leprosy will be eradicated from Pakistan one day.

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