On 16th of April 2021, Student and faculty members of Faculty of Eastern Medicine and Natural sciences (ZUFEMNS) have been provided an opportunity to visit SJ Herbal surjani town Karachi. SJ Herbal is developing and providing innovative plant based natural medication. The purpose of the visit was to provide awareness to students with the advancement in manufacturing and production of herbal products.

The visit was quite informative for the students; Q.A analyst of SJ Pharma gave brief introduction of the pharma and describes the herbal manufacturing facilities available. Furthermore, it was elaborated that founder of the company was the legendary and visionary in using modern techniques and standard scientific methods in manufacturing herbal products. The company is accredited by DRAP.

Additionally, the operational manager of the company describes the value and scope of herbal medicine worldwide and encouraged students to work for Humanity wholeheartedly. He explained the whole licensing system and ISO certification of herbal pharma industry.

The Students visit and observe the following section in detail.

  1. Raw Herbs Store Room.
  2. Dispensing Booth.
  3. Tablet Production Area.
  4. Compression Area.
  5. Coating Area.
  6. Blistering Area.
  7. Liquid Section
  8. Decoction Area

The visit concluded with note of thanks from Dean and faculty members of ZUFEMNS.