Production of medicinal plants, vegetables, fruits and rare organic species to become effective producers of raw material of export quality that can be utilized as evidence based formulations both at national and international level.

To enhance health, environment, and economy by advancing and sharing the science of medicinal plant production and use of healthy food.


  • To identify potentially profitable crops and researchable solutions, developing high value horticultural products and horticultural enterprise.
  • Health and wellness products derived from plants and delivered in the form of drugs, dietary supplements (nutraceuticals), functional foods or cosmetic ingredients.
  • Ethno-botanical knowledge and modern research to identify plant compounds that improve human health and well‐being.


  • Educate students with cutting edge research technology for horticulture, and prepare them to be more competitive in their future careers.
  • Increase assistantship opportunities through graduate programs to increase PhD enrollment, mentoring student to develop interest in the field.