To recognize Eastern Medicine & Tibb-e- Nabvi as world’s most esteemed system of Healthcare and to promote, encourage and support education, clinical training & research  in Eastern Medicine. We strongly believe that our graduates will serve the nation and humanity at large.


Quality Health is the basic need of society; the College of Eastern Medicine will be serving the Following:

  • To provide widespread knowledge and evidence based education in Eastern Medicine.
  • To promote and develop its practice and understanding.
  • To facilitate its professionals for the basic understanding of Complementary and alternative medicine in the light of Eastern Medicine & Tibb-e-Nabvi.
  • To meet the highest professional and ethical standards leading to excellence in Clinical and Research activities serving the noble cause.


  • Being health care stakeholder, to develop our relationship with the communities and empower lives through innovation and development of Eastern Medicine & Tibb-e-Nabvi medicinal products.
  • Guide Eastern Medicine & Tibb-e-Nabvi Institutions in designing Curricula that provides a proper content of basic knowledge of Eastern Medicine & Tibb-e-Nabvi
  • To contribute in fulfilling the need of quality research in the field of Eastern Medicine for the treatment of chronic diseases through development of evidence based Eastern Medicine formulations. We strongly believe that our graduates will serve the nation and humanity at large.
  • To combat diseases and improve maternal and mental health
  • To establish a network of Clinics all over the country under the umbrella of Hiba Life for regimental therapies and treatment through Eastern Medicine & Tibb-e-Nabvi
  • To promote formal links with National and International Institutions and industry with respect to knowledge sharing, collaborative research, clinical training and personnel exchange.


B.E.M.S. 5 Years degree program with one year house job

Accreditation and Registration

  • National Council for Tibb (NCT)
  • Course Curriculum approved by Ministry of Health as well as by Higher Education Commission (HEC)

Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate Science (Pre-Medical), A level Biology OR Equivalent Qualification recognize

Entry Test for Admission

  • Test for undergraduate program (conduct by University)

Fee Structure

BEMS 3rd Batch 1st Semester Fall 2021

Description Fee Per Semester
Admission fee (One time) Rs.15,000/=
Documentation fee (One time) Rs.3000/=
Enrollment fee (One time) Rs.2600/=
Security deposit (One time) Rs.10,000/=
Laboratory fee (Per semester) Rs.3000/=
Examination fee (Per semester) Rs.3400/=
Tuition fee (Per semester) Rs.80,000/=
Processing fee (One time) Rs.4000/=
Total Rs.121,000/=