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What is Human Nutrition and Dietetics?

Nutrition is a biological process that utilizes the nutrients provided by food or other sources for the survival and growth of the organism. The arena of scientific pursuits in nutrition as a science very broad. People from a wide variety of fields specializes in specific areas of nutrition that are related to their original field of study may call themselves nutritionists e.g. veterinary scientists, plant scientists, food scientists, physicians, pharmacists, biochemists may all be titled nutritionist after getting some expertise in nutrition though they have very diverse expertise in relation to nutrition. In most countries of the world there are no strict rules for using the title nutritionists. 

Human nutritionists study about various aspects of human nutrition and have much more comprehensive knowledge than the other kind of Nutritionists. However, not all graduate programs in human nutrition are designed to prepare specific nutrition care professionals. 

Dietitians-Nutritionists are human nutritionists who study broad aspects of human nutrition and are trained to serve as Human Nutrition Care professionals. Dietetics is the oldest human nutrition profession that is regulated in many countries and has well established standards of education and practice. Dietetics as a field of study started as an area of specialization of home economics. Thus still in many countries graduates of home economics with major in dietetics are fit for serving as Dietitian Nutritionists. Dietitian-Nutritionists are provided comprehensive education and training that enables them to work as clinical Nutritionist, Community nutritionist and as in the food service and food production industries. 

Human Nutrition and Dietetics in Pakistan:

In Pakistan formal Education in the field of Human Nutrition and Dietetics started from the colleges of Home Economics as an area of specialization. As the home economics degree programs were guided by Iowa and Oklahoma state Universities curriculum in colleges of home economic or the ones established by home economists usually adopt International pattern of dietetics education as summarized by International Confederation of Dietetics Associations. This pattern provides comprehensive human nutrition education at the undergraduate level that prepares the graduates to work in entry level jobs in nay to the three traditional settings of human nutrition: Community Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition and Food Service. 

Exclusive degree programs have been started in several universities in Pakistan now. These degree programs have been established by a variety of different experts e.g. Food Scientists, Agriculturist, Biochemist, Medical Practitioner, Public Health experts etc. and thus relative focus is diverse.

Opportunities for Post Graduate and Doctorate level education in Human Nutrition and Dietetics Pakistan are still rare. 

There is a dire need for regularization of Human Nutrition and Dietetics education in Pakistan so that expertise of various kinds of nutrition graduates could be appreciated and utilized judiciously.

HND at ZU:

Vision, Mission and Goals of the Department

The department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics has been established at Ziauddin University to enhance the graduate and postgraduate education and research. 


Serve as a Center of Excellence (Institute) for Education and Research for Best Quality Human Nutrition Care in Pakistan and Other Countries


  • Establish Internationally accreditable undergraduate and postgraduate professional education programs in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Undertake, promote and support research that can provide evidence base for resolving human nutrition issues
  • Liaison with the industry and corporate sector to facilitate provision of nutrition promoting product and services 
  • Liaison with private and public stakeholders to Undertake, promote ad support projects to promote nutritious and safe diets and healthy life styles


  • Quality education at newly started undergraduate programs
  • Establishment of Post graduate program
  • Establishment of HND Research Center
  • Establishment of professionals, corporate sector and social networks to promote nutritious and safe diets and healthy life styles


  • Identifying and employing the most befitting human resource and providing on the job training as needed to optimizes the use of resources
  • Assuring quality of education by targeting the development of competencies recommended by international organizations and panels of experts.
  • To assure induction of most befitting learners, promoting awareness about scope of and differed in various human nutrition professions and difference between food nutrition and medical experts
  • Inclusion of structure supervises practice at all levels to increase employability and to assure effective professional contributions of the graduate

Faculty: Profile

Dr. Rubina Hakeem (Professor)

Doctorate in Nutrition from University of London with earlier education and training in various areas of food, nutrition and dietetics at school, high school, undergraduate and post graduate level and continued participation in versatile academic and research activities at national and international level. 

She has served as Principal and Professor Nutrition at RLAK College of Home Economics Karachi and as Professor Clinical Nutrition Taibah University Madina Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Hakeem has served and continues to serve as a leader in several professional associations. She was instrumental in the formation of the Food and Nutrition Society and Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetics Society and is currently promoting higher standards of Dietetics education and ethics as Chairperson of Nutrition Foundation of Pakistan. She represents LMIC at the membership committee of Nutrition Society UK and is a fellow of Association for Nutrition UK and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics USA.

She is also an active member of World Public Health Association, National Association, American Society for Nutrition , Diabetes in Asia Study Group, National Association of Diabetes Educators of Pakistan, Pakistan Home Economics Association and International.Federation of Home Economics. She has been awarded several awards and prizes in the area of educational and research activities as well as in nutrition business innovation.“

Dr Khursheed Hashmi (Professor)

Doctorate and graduate in microbiology with expertise in pharmacology, biochemistry, genetics. General pathology and immunology and research experience in core nutrition related issues like: “Production of Lipids by Fermentation “, “Antibacterial activity in fruits and vegetables” and “Comparative Evaluation of Different Iron Preparations Used in Pregnancy”. 

Dr. Musarrat Jahan (Assistant Professor)

She did her Doctorate, Graduate and undergraduate degrees in Biochemistry with experience of teaching medical and dental graduates. Her areas of specialization include Nutrition, Cell and molecular Biology, Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology. 

Nida Azhar (Lecturer) 

She did in MS in Public Health Nutrition, BS in Home Economics with specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics. She served as a clinical dietitian at SIUT, with expertise in Medical Nutrition Therapy in renal disorders, pediatrics and oncology. Later she joined AKU and served as Research Coordinator and published research paper (systematic review) with collaboration with International Authors. 

Ms Sumayya Iqbal (Demonstrator)

She did her Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics from College of Home Economics. She is an experienced RD and a life time member of Pakistan Nutrition and dietetics society and member of Nutrition foundation of Pakistan. She completed her training from Memon Medical Institute Hospital, did job at Abbott and Tabba heart hospital and worked voluntarily at Indus hospital. She has more than three years of clinical experience in different reputed hospitals of Karachi. 

Professor Nelofar A. Sheikh

MSc HE (HND) Pak,. PhD Nutrition Australia

Highly qualified and accomplished human nutrition and dietetics professional. Holds a unique blend of diverse and global experience in health care and academic settings. Worked for non-government organization, semi government, academia, and UN organization (FAO & UNICEF). Extensive project management and nutrition consultancy experience in developed and developing countries.

Educational Programs

  1. BS of Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • The course curriculum meeting the standards suggested by the experts of International Confederation of Dietetic Association and the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND®) USA. 
  1. MS Clinical Nutrition ( Submitted for HEC Approval)
  1. Doctorate of Clinical Nutrition ( Submitted for HEC Approval)

HND ZU Unique features

  1. All our programs endeavor to meet the standards suggested by international experts particularly International Confederation of Dietetic Association and the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND®) USA.
  2. The curriculum of all programs offered is approved by HEC
  3. Experienced faculty in field of Nutrition and relevant biological and social sciences
  4. Supportive Research Environment 
  5. Capacity building for Professional life 


Admissions currently open for BS in Human Nutrition & Dietetics. 

Program Details

  • Duration: 4 years 
  • Entry Requirements: Minimum 50% marks in Intermediate (Pre-Medical) / A-Level (Biology Mandatory) or equivalent.
  • Entry test: Test for undergraduate program (conduct by University)
  • Program Type: Morning
  • Details of Fee Structure (Fee Per Semester)
S.No Details Amount
1. Admission fee (One time)  Rs.15,000/=
2. Documentation fee (One time) Rs.3000/=
3. Enrollment fee (One time) Rs.2600/=
4. Security deposit (One time) Rs.10,000/=
5. Laboratory fee (Per semester) Rs.3000/=
6. Examination fee (Per semester) Rs.3400/=
7. Tuition fee (Per semester) Rs.80,000/=
8. Processing fee (One time)  Rs.4000/=
9. Total  Rs.121,000/=

News & Careers


  • Seminar: One day seminar titled as “Role of Nutrition in COVID-19” held at Seminar hall ZUFEST campus on March 28, 2021. 
  • NRPU submission: Two research proposals were submitted from Department of Human Nutrition & Dietetics to the HEC NRPU grant this year.
  • Nutribiz competition 2021: Won third price in a competition of ideas/startups for nutrition promoting business. 


Career Prospects:

  1. Clinical Dietitians- Nutritionists
  2. Nutrition Educationists
  3. Public Health Nutritionists
  4. Food Researcher and Scientist
  5. Food Service Administrators

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Phone Number: 021-36648237 Ext: 4970 Email ID: [email protected]

Location: Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, ZUFEST (North), F-103, Block B, North Nazimabad, Karachi