How to Manage Stress Naturally

On August 25th, 2023, a one-day workshop on “How to Manage Stress Naturally” was held, offering valuable insights into Eastern Medicine’s approach to stress. Attendees learned about stress’s impact on daily life, health, relationships, and performance, along with natural stress management techniques. The workshop also covered cultivating a positive mindset and temperamental evaluation methods. Pulse-based stress diagnosis and strategies for managing thoughts and reactions were discussed.

Exhibition & Poster competition

1st Eastern Medicine Exhibition and Poster Competition 2022

The 1st Eastern Medicine Exhibition and Poster Competition 2022 organized by College of Eastern Medicine, Faculty of Eastern Medicine and Natural Sciences was held on Wednesday October 12, 2022. Projects and posters (27) were presented by BEMS students from 1st to 4th year. Faculty members from different department of the University. Students from different department of the University. The exhibition was focused to highlight philosophy of Eastern Medicine and its regimental therapies. The overall idea was to promote project based learning as an effective tool for students.

Panel of evaluators from different specialty keenly evaluated these projects and posters entitled principles of Eastern Medicine, regimental therapies, Eastern Medicine formulations and evidence based pharmacological actions of medicinal plants.


  1. Dr Waseem Fatima, Senior Consultant Eastern Medicine, Hamdard.
  2. Syed Zahoor ul Hassan Zaidi, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Eastern Medicine, Hamdard University, Karachi.
  3. Syed Ali Salman, Manager Regulatory Affairs, Abbott Pharma.
  4. Qanit Tayyab, Manager, R&D Herbion Naturals.

Chief Guest

  1. Dr. Syed Irfan Haider, Vice Chancellor, Ziauddin University.
  2. Shireen, MS Ziauddin Hospital.

Prominent Visitors

  1. Dr. Fahad Azim, Dean Faculty of Engineering science technology and Management, Director link Road Campus.
  2. Dr. Rubina Hakeem, HOD, HND.
  3. Saad Javed Khan, Chairperson, Department of Biomedical Engineering.
  4. Munaf, Chairperson, Post-Graduation Studies.
  5. Waqas Mohiuddin, Economic Commerce Manager, Hiba Life.
  6. Hafsa Tanweer, Assistant Manager, Hiba Life.
  7. Humera HOD, Medical Technology.

As many as 42 projects from different sections were displayed including:

  • Pharmacology Section (BEMS 4th Year),
  • Medicinal Plant used Systemic Disease (BEMS 3rd Year),
  • Regimental Therapies Section (BEMS 2nd Year),
  • Diet Therapy and Natural Products (BEMS 1st Year)

Faculty of Eastern Medicine and Natural Sciences with CEO, HibaLife Mr. Faizan Syed

A session of the students of College of Eastern Medicine, Faculty of Eastern Medicine and Natural Sciences with CEO, HibaLife Mr. Faizan Syed was held on Friday, 2nd September 2022 on the 4th floor, DPT building, Ziauddin University, North Nazimabad.
HibaLife draws inspiration from the fact that Eastern Medicine stood the test of time and our professionals have carefully studied to prepare herbal products that strengthen you from within. HibaLife gives the consumers a sense of righteousness; an easier way to offer healing solutions to those who believe in the holistic approach. HibaLife offers an entire range of health and lifestyle products, formulated taking the advantage of extensive research in various disciplines of Eastern Medicine. These products are designed to invigorate the heart and soul. All HerbaLife products are nutritionally designed and made from 100% natural ingredients.
The purpose of this session was to generate awareness, seek collaboration, and offer
consultancy services through the E-health portal.

Mr. Faizan Syed Emphasized on the following two points,
1). Using e-commerce for awareness and promotion of Eastern Medicine as important part of health care system.
2). Establishing a huge platform for effective sale of the Herbal/Natural/Eastern
Medicine products of health, Nutrition, and cosmetic care under supervision of
Students asked some relevant questions which were answered very well. He also
invited students to participate as volunteers in various activities at HibaLife.

Faculty of Eastern Medicine and Natural Sciences (FEMNS), Ziauddin University successfully organized a free medical camp that was scheduled on Sunday 7th November, 2021 at Jumani Goth, Gadap town, Karachi.

The free screening camp was attended by the local community in the vicinity
fulfilling the social responsibility and clinical training of students, FEMNS, Ziauddin
The main objective of this activity (free medical camp) was to bring affordable
healthcare and free health information to the community and identify the common health
problems in order to devise ways of addressing them. More than 100 patients were
facilities during the activity.
Additionally, focus was to create awareness on the need for personal hygiene in
prevention of serious disabling diseases which are prevalent in the area due to dust,
lack of adequate water and also encourage the use of available nutritious food products
in the area and discourage drug and substance abuse among the community members.
It was organized with a sacred mission to combat diseases and malnutrition and to
serve the poor unconditionally. Besides providing primary health care, FEMNS ZU
contributed to raising awareness amongst the people informing them about the
necessity of adequate nutritious food, clean drinking water, dangers and risks of
environmental pollution.
The camp was organized with following facilities:

 Registration Desk
 History taking Desk
 Free tests for Diabetes, Blood Pressure Desk
 BMI Testing Desk
 Temperament Evaluation Desk
 Counseling regarding the prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyle
 Treatment by trained Eastern Medicine Doctors and Specialists
 Free medicines

The following drugs were provided to the patients:

 Anthelmintic
 Anti-malaria
 Antihistamine
 Analgesics
 Antiepileptic
 Eye drops
 Local applications
 Cough Syrups